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Examples of Autographs

A record of 'PEOPLE OF OUR TIME'



Please remember that you will need to submit 2 copies of your autograph - one for the Book that will be auctioned for the charities and one for the reference book. Both Books will use only original autographs.

We can either supply you with a pair of pre-printed autograph labels or you can download and print the same format onto your own paper and we will cut them out and paste onto the page for insertion into the Autograph Book of 'People of Our Time'. If you choose the latter then please use a good quality 100gsm, white, A4 paper.

For the time being the examples below are ficticious and for illustration purposes only. When autographs start coming in we may change the examples below for real examples.

Your 2 completed autographs should be sent to; Teddington to Calais 2012, The Poolhouse, 6 Deards End Lane, Knebworth, Hertfordshire, SG3 6NL, England. As you are making a sponsorship donation you should include your cheque, or payment reference, inluding date and method, of your electronic donation. If you are making a pledge at this time, we look forward to receiving your payment soon after the event.