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A record of 'PEOPLE OF OUR TIME'

As a tool for raising funds for the two very worthy charities we have created a very fine Autograph Book OF 'People of Our Time' that will be auctioned at the end of the swim. The finished Autograph Book will be professionally bound in leather and will be a testimony to the generosity and love of the sponsors for their fellow man for many years to come. Each autograph will be mounted on a seperate page and be accompnanied by a brief biography of the signatory (max 300 words). The Autograph Book will have hundreds of entries from around the World, including; Royal families , presidents, prime ministers, other politicans, real-life heroes, corporate leaders, stars from stage and screen, singers, writers, artists, sports men and women, scientists, groups of people and, of course, in Section One; anyone who has made a sponsorship donation of £1,000 or more. Quite naturally, we are hoping that many of our signatories will want to appear in Section One.

All autograph entries must be made on our forms and submitted in pairs which is why the template has two autograph forms. The second set of autographs will be similarly bound and kept as a reference copy. The completed forms should be sent to; Teddington to Calais 2012, The Poolhouse, 6 Deards End Lane, Knebworth, Hertfordshire, SG3 6NL. If a sponsorship donation has been, or is being, made but is not being sent with the autographs, a reference to the sponsorship donation giving details of method, date and amount should be included so autograph and sponsorship donation can be matched. If a pledge is being made, simply state the amount when submitting the autographs.

In all cases, please remember to include your contact references. (Of course these will remain strictly confidential and not shared with any third parties.)


Here are the guidelines;

The Autograph Book of 'People of Our Time' will comprise two sections;


  • Section ONE – A minimum sponsorship donation of £1,000 will be required to get your autograph into this section.
  • Section TWO – Autographs of anyone whose name alone will enhance the value of the Book will feature in this section and they may, or may not, have made a sponsorship donation. They can always upgrade to Section One by making the appropriate donation at any time up to publication.



Section One; Minimum sponsorship donation or pledge of £1,000

  • Donations or pledges may come from;
    • One person.
    • A group of people, school, team or club.
    • An incorporated or unincorporated company.
    • Anywhere in the World.
    • Anyone who wishes their donation to remain anonymous
  • Where the sponsor wishes to remain anonymous, that is fine.
    • The anonymous sponsor can sign“Anonymous” for a Section One entry so no clue is given to his/her/it's identity.
    • The anonymous sponsor may also, if their name alone will add value to the Book, have their normal signature appear in Section Two of the Autograph Book so readers will not know whether or not they have made a donation.
  • Entries in the Autograph Book must be in the format available from this website or on one of the personalised, preformatted stickers available upon request.
  • Where a group, school, team, club or company is sponsoring the swim, the only limit to the number of signatures to the donation is the space available on the autograph form.
  • Autographs with pledges will be gratefully accepted and shown in this website but only once the pledge has been converted to a donation will the autograph included in the book.
  • Autographs may be accompanied on the form by;
    • The sponsor's name/s. (This could be, for example, an individual, a school, a football team, a company of actors, a Rotary club, a family or group of friends.)
    • The sponsor's logo, coat of arms or national flag.
    • A goodwill/humourous/topical message for the swim.
  • A sponsor can appear twice – as part of a team, club or company sponsor, and also as an individual sponsor - but each entry is subject to the sponsorship minimum.
  • If an individual wants their autograph to appear in the Autograph Book but is unable to personally sponsor a minimum of £1,000, they may do so by collecting money from other sponsors but must acknowledge that fact under their autograph by stating something like, “On behalf of neighbours, friends and relatives.”

    The size of individual donations will not appear in the Autograph Book and not be noted on the website but the introduction page of the Autograph Book will state the total amount raised from the people/organisations whose names appear in each Section of the Book.
  • When finally bound, the autographs will appear in order of highest sponsorship donation at the front. Again we emphasize the size of individual donations will not appear in the Autograph Book.
  • At any time before the Autograph Book is finally assembled for being stitched and bound in leather, a supplementary sponsorship donation may be submitted by any sponsor to bring their position in the Autograph Book further to the front.
  • If the Autograph Book is as successful as we hope, it may need to be split into two or more volumes.



This Section is for people of renown and celebrities whose name alone will enhance the value of the Autograph Book.

Whilst many people who are known to the wider public have made a donation in cash or in kind, some may simply not wish to make a donation as they already support another charity or may not wish to make a donation for reasons best known to themselves. We are thankful for their support and there will be no way of knowing whether individual names in this section have made a sponsorship donation or not.

Where supporters who give their autographs also give signed books, CDs, sports regalia, posters and other merchandise for the fund-raising post-swim auction, the funds raised at that auction will be credited to the total in each section of the finished Autograph Book of 'People of Our Time'. You can view all the items donated for the auction via this link or the link on the Home Page.

The guidelines are the same as for Section One except that;

  • A donation MAY or MAY NOT have been made.
  • Entries in this section of the Autograph Book will be in alphabetical order.
  • In Section Two it is at solely at our discretion whether or not to include an autograph.


Two copies of the Autograph Book will be produced. One copy will be auctioned and the proceeds will go to the two charities. The other will be held as a reference copy. Both Books will use only original autographs.